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18 May 2015
by Michael V.

I use this daily, adding it to water or juice. It helps my nails, skin and joints. So easy to use!

12 February 2015
by Lily A.

My daughter said her nails have gotten hard as rocks since she started using this. My friend also said her hip stopped hurting as well.

30 January 2015
by Elena D.

I had no idea that this product would work so well. My nails are growing by the day! I've just noticed that on the front of my hairline I have a lot of new hair growth - short hair that's coming in since I began using Biosil over a month ago. After having my hair highlighted recently, I'm already seeing new growth quickly, and the overall condition of my hair has improved greatly! I won't stop using this product!

20 November 2014
by Nathalie F.

Not sure if this product worked or not. What exactly was it supposed to do. Did not notice anything different with my skin or nails or hair.

8 September 2014
by Victoria V.

I have noticed that my nails are stronger and grow faster and the wrinkles on my hands have smoothed.

24 August 2014
by Paula A.

I have been using this product for three years and my nails and hair are so improved. My nails are smooth, and break way less often, and my hair is noticeably healthy. It takes about a month for the product to show results but then it is noteworthy. I recommend this to anyone with soft nails and very dry hair. My skin is also more moisturized since I have been taking this product.

13 August 2014
by Helen B.

I do not feel the improvement is significant in nails, hair or skin. I will use entire bottle and hopefully it will make a difference.

30 November 2013
by Marie V.

As I age I've noticed my hair, skin, and nails aren't what they used to be. After looking at many chemical and cosmetic options I decided to change from the inside out. My nails are strong and no longer split, my hair is thicker, and my eyelashes are about twice as full. However, one must continue to take it .... otherwise aging goes back to its status quo.

30 November 2013
by Sofie W.

I love Biosil, amazing results. This product really works and best of all it will make you happy once you see what it does to your hair, skin, and nails.

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