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18 April 2016
by J A.

I started using BioSil less than 3 weeks ago. My skin has completely changed in texture and elasticity. It even feels much more smooth and elastic to touch. I look 10 years younger! I never leave product reviews, but this one exceeded my wildest expectations. Amazing product.

26 March 2015
by Solange N.

I have been taking this supplement for a month and I believe I am seeing some good results with my skin. Too early to know what effect it is having on my hair. I will continue using it as long as I can afford it and as long I think it is beneficial.

14 December 2014
by Louise S.

The positive changes in my hair, skin and nails are remarkable since I began using Biosil. I would recommend it to anyone.

1 December 2014
by Caroline C.

I have used this for several months now and I do not EVER plan to be without it! This was a good price and quick delivery! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Give it a month or so … don't expect overnite success. After at least one month you should see visible changes in your skin, hair and nails … BUT especially your skin.

11 September 2014
by Emma G.

We women are always looking for cosmetic products that help our skin, hair and nails. Far more important is what we put inside. This product has visibly firmed my skin and strengthen my hair and nails. I couldn't be more pleased.

30 August 2014
by David P.

I have been taking this for several months now, twice a day, 5 drops each time. It indeed improved my hair and nails, and I keep taking it. An unexpected benefit was that all my life I had been picking on my nails and had not been able to quit, but after I took BioSil for a while, I found myself not doing it anymore, without trying. The only thing that cannot be avoided is that the taste is not pleasant. However, it is most noticeable if the drops are put in water. If I use some sour juice instead (e.g., tart cherry, pomegranate, etc.), I do not notice the taste.

13 August 2014
by Leonor H.

I am so happy to read the other reviews raving about this product, because I've been using it for years and seeing amazing results for everything from hair and nails, to joints and stretch marks. It's great stuff. My method of use is to buy empty capsules and drop the liquid in there in the recommended dose, close the capsule and swallow. It's a slightly more time-intensive and much more palatable way to take this, as it's not a pleasant flavor at all.

19 December 2013
by Julie R.

I've used this product for years now. It's the only pill I've found that softens my skin and makes my hair shinny and healthy.

2 July 2013
by Monica N.

I've been using this product for about 18 months. It does everything the label says. I will use it for life. It's made such a difference in my hair, skin and joints. It's as if I've aged backwards!

28 March 2013
by Catherine U.

I began using BioSil about 2 years ago. I immediately noticed a difference in my skin, but especially my hair. My hair grew much faster and appeared to be thicker. My hairdresser noticed a difference and asked what I was doing. I told her about BioSil. She said she needed to sell it in her salon! Friends and acquaintances are surprised at my age. They say my skin does not look my age.

26 February 2013
by Annelies P.

I take 2 capsules a day. My hair and nails grow like crazy since I've started taking this product about 6 months ago. And now that I'm writing this review, I've noticed my skin tone/complexion are also better! Hope it's having the same affect on my bones.

5 January 2013
by Denise R.

My husband and I have been taking BioSil since 2007 and would not change products because it does what it claims to do and more. It is a good value because it gives excellent results.

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