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27 November 2014
by Susan L.

My nails were damaged from nail polish and I had stopped taking my BioSil. For 6 months my nails were ridged, flaky, they peeled and split. Then I remembered that I stopped taking it because I ran out. I stopped painting my nails but they never quite returned to normal. Then I saw it at Earth Fare one day and purchased it. In 2 weeks my husband noticed that I had nails that were strong and smooth. My hair has started growing again and is feeling thicker. Of course this is part of the whole picture of being healthy. I highly recommend this as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are in your 40's.

15 September 2014
by Connie F.

I have NEVER been able to grow nails past my fingertips. I'm not even finished with my first bottle and I have long, strong nails! I've already had to trim them. Can't say that I've noticed a difference in my hair or skin, but nails - YES!!

29 July 2014
by Colleen L.

So far, so good. I have not yet completed my first bottle of Biosil (2 months), I have noticed more hair and nail growth, however, I understand that results start to really show after 4 months. I'll check back in in a few months if it shows greater results.

27 July 2014
by Adeline V.

So far this is one of the products I've tried for me to finally help my poor hands and hair. For me, I started to see my nails improve in about a week, week in-a-half. I recommend it to anyone struggling with broken nails or thin/thinning hair!

3 May 2014
by Felicia V.

This product definitely does something, namely my nails grow fast so I can tell it's working.
I think it is helping my hair be thicker, but it is very minimal. Maybe after prolonged use it will become more apparent. But I think it is a solid product.

14 February 2014
by Kathy Z.

I have problem nails and was hoping that BioSil would improve them. I realize I have to wait a few months for the product to affect nails as they grow, but I've taken it for nearly a year, and I beleive I have given it plenty of time to work.
My nails continue to crack, split and break and after taking BioSil for all that time there has been no improvement at all. Don't waste your money.

6 October 2013
by Liesbet B.

This stuff is awesome, my nails are stronger and growing beautifully...I'm not sure about my hair though, it's better than before, but it's still falling out.

18 August 2013
by Tea R.

I can't say whether or not this helped my hair since I am taking several products designed to help in that area. I can't really pinpoint this product as being the one that helped my hair. I can say that it wasn't until I added BioSil that my nails started to repair themselves. I had severe nail pitting (tiny little dents all over my nails). It took about 3 months of using this product but now I have no dents on my nails at all. They look great and are stronger than they have even been.

19 June 2013
by Laetitia C.

I have experienced changes in my hair and nails due to perimenopause. My finger nails were curling under and within a month of taking one pill/day, they have straightened out and returned to a stronger nail.

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