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3 December 2014
by Cindy P.

My hairs get fuller, my nails get stronger since I started using biosil 6 years ago. I mix it in my oatmeal to reduce that metal smell.

18 October 2014
by Stefanie M.

I think this is making my nails longer than they have ever been and my hair is thicker. I have reordered it.

5 October 2014
by Sharon B.

This product really works!
It takes one bottle to begin with and by the second bottle one sees results.
My nails have begun to grow and I have received many complements for my wonderful hair.

5 October 2014
by Esther B.

This product really works. My hair and nails have gotten stronger and my hair is not falling out as much.

2 October 2014
by Birgit F.

This is a pretty good product for thinning hair. The results don't show up right away, but it will thicken and make your hair grow back faster.

28 September 2014
by Chris W.

My hair has been thinning and I tried so many ways of helping myself to improve my hair. The first bottle, which is almost gone, I am seeing a greater improvement. My hair was lying flat and now is much fuller and stays that way until I wash it again. I am so impressed how this product has helped me.

17 August 2014
by Valerie P.

I love this product. It's enabled me to have nails (I'm a potter), AND my hair is growing back … this stuff REALLY WORKS!!!!!

3 August 2014
by Margot Y.

Great product.. I have noticed a drastic change in my hair. I started using this product a month ago and I like the results.

10 July 2014
by Katia S.

Love it. I will always purchase this product. It made my hair grow. I am very pleased and I recommend to all members of my family and all my friends...

7 June 2014
by Lucy D.

I started using this product about a month ago and already my hair seems to be thicker and stronger as well as my nails. I can't tell a huge difference in skin but overall I'm very happy with Biosil. I take one caplet morning and night. No strange side effects. I will definitely be purchasing more when I run out. Thanks.

5 June 2014
by Eva P.

My sister told me to buy this product to reduce my hair shedding. It has stop the excessive hair loss.

18 May 2014
by Giorgia G.

I've been using BioSil for about four months now and am growing an amazingly thick crop of healthy hair. I had been through an illness that caused my hair to thin out considerably and wanted to give myself every boost I could. I'd read that liquid silica has been tested in clinical trials and proven to grow thicker, stronger hair, so I bought some. It takes time to see results as hair needs to grow from the follicle below the scalp, but I am certain BioSil has made a big difference. Even my hairdresser thinks it has and now recommends silica to her other clients.

11 April 2014
by Alexandra T.

I noticed results within a month of using this product. My nails & hair grew very fast and continue to grow. I feel good using this product.

6 April 2014
by Geraldine R.

My hair and nails are strong and grow like weeds.
Yes, the liquid tastes bad, but if you curl up the end of your tongue a bit and put the drops in there, then take a swig of liquid and swallow, you don't taste it. Evidently the tip of the tongue does not have taste receptors for this. This is much easier than putting it in water or juice or whatever and then having to drink a whole bunch of nasty flavored stuff.

1 April 2014
by Liliane G.

This product was recommended to me by my hairdresser. Love the product … both my hair and my nails look much better.

12 March 2014
by Lola G.

My hairdresser claims my hair is growing better and is thicker. My husband says his fingernails are stronger.

8 March 2014
by Laura F.

I love this supplement! It has given me stronger nails and hair in the few months that I have been taking it. I used to take it with water, but sometimes I would taste it and be put-off, so I switched to adding it to my morning green smoothie!

11 January 2014
by John A.

My hair has become thicker since taking Biosil. I did not notice an immediate change, but it became noticeable after a few months.

15 December 2013
by Cloe P.

BioSil has made a big difference to my fine hair. It used to be very limp and fragile and I would avoid going outside because it wouldn't hold up to any weather. BioSil seems to have increase the diameter of each hair, changed the texture and greatly reduced breakage. The result is a thicker, more normal head of hair - for the first time in my life. My first purchase was drops and the first thing I noticed was that my weak, thin, peeling, and often painful nails grew out very fast and became much improved. But the taste of the drops is awful. So my 2nd purchase was capsules. They are supposed to be the same, but nails definitely got worse. I'm back to drops, loving my new hair and hoping my nails will improve again.

12 October 2013
by Charly F.

Have used this for several years and my hairdresser says that it has really made a difference
in my hair. She recommends it to other clients now.

12 September 2013
by Karen D.

I have been taking BioSil for about a year now and I will say that I've seen a marked improvement in my hair and nails. No more brittle to both! Thick, shiny hair and it's growing like a weed! I'm a caucasian female, in my early 40s, fit and healthy. This product really works for me!

24 August 2013
by Lisa J.

This is a great product, I have used it for some time and was so pleased to find it for less on line. I use it for maintaining my hair growth and it works.

27 March 2013
by Sandra K.

I bought it for my mom she has been using it for about a month now, she noticed improvement on hair loss and her nails.

4 March 2013
by Christine M.

I am a 53 year old female and I've been taking BioSil for over 10 years and I definitely noticed an improvement in the thickness and strength of my hair. I will continue to take it as long as I have hair!

1 March 2013
by Marc H.

I bought this at the recommendation of my barber but it's too early to tell the benefits. Could be placebo but will give it a try.

23 February 2013
by Rebecca O.

I have used several supplements that promises to build the health of my hair/skin. Some products I have used for yrs but this product I have only been using for abot 4 mos and already it has done more than any of the other products I have used in the past. My skin typically breaks out with a bump or two periodically but my skin has remained flawless since I've been taking this. And for my hair...about 2 yrs ago my hair was shoulder length but broke off BADLY due to a bad salon experience. Like I said I used several products b4 this one trying to get my hair back to normal. But in just the 4months using BioSil my hair is definitely back to normal - thicker, healthier, and longer. I RECOMMEND BioSil totally. The price is a lil high but it's really not bc of the awesome results.

18 February 2013
by Nicole L.

I'm a 40 year old woman who has been hearing statements from hairdressers for years to the effect of "watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat" about making my hair thickness look normal. No more. My hair is THICK after 3 months of use. And my hairline has filled in on the sides and creeped forward a bit as well. Could not ask for more!

4 August 2012
by Agnes K.

Made my hair grow faster and my nails stronger. I definitely prefer the capsules over the liquid type. Really great!

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