helps you regenerate your own collagen

Want youthful looking, beautiful hair?

Here's how BioSil can help

With time, the renewal process of our hair declines, causing thinning hair and hair loss.

BioSil patented formula helps your hair grow thicker and stronger.

The formula in BioSil has been clinically shown to significantly increase the diameter of each hair shaft - adding fullness and body to your hair.

  • promotes shinier and healthy looking hair
  • thickens and strengthens hair
  • clinically proven

The secret to beautiful hair lies in your own DNA.



YOUR HAIR · Increases the Diameter of the Hair Shaft

The diameter (thickness) of your hair is determined b called dermal papilla, located at the base of your hair root. BioSil increases the volume of these dermal papilla. In addition, BioSil ensuring the delivery an abundant supply of growth-rich nutrients to your hair. Research points to the fact that the tes the production of keratin, the protein that makes up 97% of your hair. It’s the reason why in the BioSil clinical trial (Wickett et. al.), women increased the diameter of their hair by 12.8%.

YOUR HAIR · Augments Hair Strength

With hair, strength is in direct proportion to thickness. It comes as no surprise that in the clinical trial (Wickett et. al.) the “BioSil women” increased hair strength by 13.1% over the “placebo women.”.

The science behind BioSil

BioSil's stunning effects have been proven in double-blind, placebo-cpntrolled clinical trails.

Independent researchers at the universities of Antwerp, Brussels, Cincinnatti, London and Cambridge have been testing BioSil's active ingredients.

BioSil's results are scientifically proven.

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