How to choose between BioSil drops and capsules?

BioSil's active ingredient is inherently a liquid. We're able to make capsules by spraying micro-droplets of liquid BioSil onto cellulose (plant fiber) pellets and then encapsulating the pellets into a two-piece vegetarian (plant-fiber based) capsule shell. If you were to look at the pellets under a microscope, you would see the little drops of liquid attached to the plant fiber. 

A study performed at the University of Antwerp (in Belgium) confirms that the bio-availability and pharmaco-kinetics of the liquid and capsule products are the same. So you can base your choice on price, taste, and comfort preferences: 

Making BioSil capsules is more expensive, and this adds to the costs of the finished product. The BioSil 30ml bottle contains 600 drops. The liquid is the more cost-effective dosage form. We recommend taking 10 drops/day (5 drops, twice daily) for maximum results. With this dosage, the 30ml bottle lasts two months. 

Please note that BioSil has a very characteristic taste, that from a scientific viewpoint, we refer to as being "bitter". But we often hear more colorful language used to describe it that often uses the term “salty” or “fishy”. We've conducted a few taste panels. Generally red and purple juices as well as teas with a high tannin content such as Red Ribose and Earl Grey score well as a good beverage to use to mask BioSil's taste. Also, many of those effervescent vitamin C drinks are very effective at masking the taste. We also have capsules available you find the taste objectionable. 

Many people prefer the capsules because they are more convenient to take/swallow. Currently, our best-sellers are 

  1. 120 caps 
  2. 60 caps 
  3. 30 ml liquid (drops)

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